This map gives you an overview of all the 1Million Meditators Ambassadors leading meditations from all over the globe. You can sort by country, language, timezone, see arrows at the top. Click on the link above or the picture map below to see your favourite Ambassadors’ picture and to find out more about the conscious work that they do in the world.

To see the detailed schedule of our next global meditation event click here.

Love knows no borders nor timezones nor languages – you can participate in any meditations across the globe!

🌍 If you feel called to become an Ambassador, please apply here to let us know.

🌍New high vibrating energies come from Ambassadors who volunteer to help set up and lead their own meditations.

🌍The whole movement is only possible thanks to generous Ambassadors worldwide who believe in making this world a better place.

Thank you! 🙏❤️🌍
Love, hugs & gratitude!