The “Why” Behind 1Million Meditators

“Breakthroughs not breakdowns.” – Brene Brown

My own journey and proof of stepping into my true power is rooted in a series of significant shifts I have made in all areas of my life. By raising my energy and investing in my own mental, spiritual and physical well-being, I have turned my “breakdowns into breakthroughs” and have metamorphosed into a high energy, loving, joyful being!

With a lot of hard work and determination, I have built six and seven figure businesses in the Information Technology and Real Estate Investing industries.

I have been a mentor to new IT Project Managers in Canada, budding real estate investors, teenagers aspiring to become public speakers, athletes training for marathons and new entrepreneurs on a mission to create conscious businesses.

As a serial entrepreneur who is all about making the impossible, possible and the ordinary, extraordinary I now know deep down that my purpose and mission is one of helping others transform their lives and businesses by changing their mindset and their energetic vibration.

“From Ambition to Meaning” – Wayne Dyer

In 2015 I was nominated for “Woman of the Year” for my marathon swim of 13 and 1/2 h hours across Lake Ontario. What drove me to train up to 10 and 13 hours per day for 15 months was the intense desire to help raise awareness and funds for children who have been abused.

The “Swim of Hope”, and the dedication of countless volunteers helped raise over $10,000 for a safe house where children who have suffered horrendous abuse can disclose their pain and trauma within the first 72 hours of it happening, after which a child will often fall silent, internalize the trauma, assume blame and shame, and carry that stigma into adulthood.

In the Fall of 2016, I organized Toronto’s first ever Laughter Flash Mob in Nathan Phillips Square. Over 300 people participated in the event and it was televised by three stations.

A completely volunteer-run event, its intent was to make a difference in the lives of people who are less fortunate and might not look forward to Thanksgiving, which is an incredibly joyous event for many.

Over 300 people expressed their gratitude for all they are and all they have by giving back something free and uplifting to both the giver and receiver: laughter!

“There is no greater thing you can do with your life and your work than follow your passions – in a way that serves the world and you.” – Richard Branson

As an immigrant, I was initially driven by financial security. What motivates me today is making a difference in the world!

Today I like to think of myself as a social and spiritual activist & entrepreneur. However, it is not what we think but rather how we feel about what we set out to create…

In this video, I share my vision of vitality, connection, affluence, meaning, and contribution.

This is why I am focusing all of my energy and financial resources on two new exciting projects: “1Million Meditators” and “SØULmate”. I’m done working for big corporations, I’m done building businesses that only bring financial rewards! I am ready to serve!

My mentor, dear friend and swimming buddy Wayne Dyer taught me to ask each morning upon waking up: “How may I serve today?”

Dr. Joe Dispenza, 1Million Meditators biggest supporter has taught me “Every time we meditate as a global community, we’re casting a larger, stronger coherent wave of love and altruism around the world.”

This is why I have ignited the humanitarian movement, 1Million Meditators: Love Yourself & The Planet.

Founded in September of 2017 “1Million Meditators” is a global quarterly initiative where, during a 48 hour weekend  1Million Meditators Ambassadors host online meditations from all corners of the world, covering all time zones; like a big tidal wave of love it is meant to engulf our beautiful planet and help it thrive again.

We believe by harnessing the power of collective global intention and by connecting with Universal Love (God, Loving Intelligence, the Unified Field, the Matrix, the Great Spirit…) we can experience our interconnectedness!

We raise our own vibration by feeling love in our hearts for ourselves and for planet earth with all its nature, sentient beings, and human inhabitants, regardless of age, race, nationality, creed, political affiliation, religion or sexual orientation.

“Every time we meditate as a global community, we’re casting a larger, stronger coherent wave of love and altruism around the world.” – Dr. Joe Dispenza

🌎 On Sept. 23rd, 2017 for our 1st Global Meditation we meditated to Dr. Joe Dispenza’s “Global Coherence Meditation“. We reached over 72,000 meditators world wide!

🌎 13 Global Meditations later we are over 700,000 conscious souls worldwide! Each and every meditator who joins brings us one step closer to 1,000,000.

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❤️ Let’s make this one the so big it will blow our minds! We can do this with your help! As ONE CONSCIOUSNESS & CONNECTED to LOVING INTELLIGENCE!


By 2021, 1Million Meditators will reach 1,000,000 meditators worldwide with the sole intention to change the vibration of our planet to one of LOVE.

To support this project, we are launching “SØULmate” to the meditation market: a posture-enhancing, portable, and comfortable meditation seat. Proceeds from our Kickstarter campaign and sales of SØULmate will contribute to funding the 1Million Meditators movement.

Much love and gratitude ❤️
Anita Morrow, Founder 🌎